DAMATH is an educational board game where players have to do mathematical computation whenever they capture an opponent’s chip. It uses the 4 basic mathematical operators. Programmed using Visual Basic 6 players can play through LAN or with computer opponent.

A flash version of damath board game is a work in progress which will enable users in every part of the world to play against each other realtime.  Progress of this project will be posted here as it goes on.

Rules of Damath

  • The system will randomly select which player will have the first ‘move’ .
  • The two players alternately take turns in moving a chip (pass is not allowed)
  • Each player is allotted one minute per ‘move’ including the computing of the ‘move’ and the corresponding score in the scoresheet.
  • In taking an opponent’s chip, the ‘taker’ chip jumps over the ‘taken’ chip and uses any of the four operation symbols of +, -, x, and -:- where the taker chip lands.
  • A chip is declared ‘dama’ if it stops in any of the following squares of the opposing player: (1,0) (3,0) (5,0) (7,0) Similarly, the opposing player’s chip is declared ‘dama’ if it stops in any of the following squares: (0,7) (2,7) (4,7) (6,7)
  • A ‘dama’ chip can slide diagonally forward or backward in any unoccupied square as long as no opponent’s chip blocks its path. It could take a chip or chips whereby its corresponding sum, difference, product or quotient is doubled. Similarly, if an ordinary chip takes an opponent’s ‘dama’ chip, its score is also doubled.
  • Correspondingly, if a ‘dama’ chip takes an opponent’s ‘dama’ chip, then its score is doubled.
  • The game ends if:
    > the 20-minute game period lapsed;
    > the moves are repetitive;
    > a player has no more chip to move;
    > an opponent’s chip is ‘cornered’.
  • The remaining chip or chips of the players are to be added to their respective scores. If the remaining chip is a ‘dama’, then its score is also doubled.
  • The player with the greater accumulated total score wins the game.


Damath Board Screenshots



its the first version that i created with computer AI so may still experience some bugs..